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    The Innovation technicians mounting solar street lights at the main campus,Oye-Ekiti


    The Director of Innovation and Research Centre Engr.Ifeanyi Eze explaining the contents of the Golden Flecee fountain to the Minister of Education during her visit to the University

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    THE VC

    The Vice Chancellor Prof. Chinedu Nebo introducing the Golden Flecee fountain to the Minister of Education at the main gate of the University while the Innovation director Engr.Ifeanyi Eze listens attentively



The centre is organized as follows:

The Director

He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the administration of the Innovation and Research Centre.

Specific Duties/Responsibilities:

He is in charge of the general administration of the Directorate of the Innovation and Research Centre

He is in charge of designing and assembling of innovation products and services.

He is responsible for the determination of the suitable sites for new projects based on the university goals or directives

He is responsible for the maintenance of all Innovation projects on campus.

He advises the University Council and the Vice-Chancellor on issues concerning project initiation and implementation

He is a member of University committees on projects

He ensures that project costs are within acceptable competitive and market range

He is responsible for ensuring that projects keep pace with project quality and standards

He is responsible for the preparation of capital projects budget for Council and/or Vice-Chancellor’s approval

He also does any other thing as may be directed by the University governing Council and/or the Vice-Chancellor


The Administrative staff

Project Manager:

The Project Manager of the Innovation centre is responsible for management of the four basic elements of a project: resources, time, money, and most importantly, scope. All these elements are interrelated. Each must be managed effectively. All must be managed together if the project, and the project manager, is to be a success.

Project Manager Duties

It is the manager's duty to supervise and coordinate all the activities.
A manager has to see to it, that the task is performed to the fullest of the efficiency.
A manager has to plan out an organizational structure to bring out ease and flow in the task.
He must suggest new policies and modifications in order to reform the nature of work.
He ought to develop good relations with his colleagues and motivate them to do well by appreciating their good performances.
It is his primary duty to participate in meetings, discussions, project site visits, workshops and hearings.
A manager has to prepare bids and proposals for the prospective clients to expand business operations.
A manager should provide full information to the accounts departments and auditors and assist them in case of difficulty.

He must determine the resources required for the purpose of production.
He must keep preparing status reports and presenting them to the higher managing authorities for scrutinizing.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager

A project manager has to deliver the performance with better success rates.
He is responsible for keeping in touch with the clients who have assigned the project to his company and make them aware of the status of the work finished.
He should be able to lead his team and bring out the best in them.
A project manager is also responsible for developing a good dialog and communication with the team member for the success of the project.
It is his responsibility to perform efficiently and honestly.
By the virtue of being a manager, he has to maintain confidentiality.
He is responsible for establishing easy communication between the employees and the higher authority.
In case of emergency, he should be able to solve problems for his team members.
He is responsible for good team building, which is defined by success.
He is responsible for accomplishing project objectives and the outcome (success or failure) of the project.

The main responsibilities of a project manager are motivation and to provide encouragement to his team members. He is the main source of motivation for them, which is the base of any successful project. Leadership responsibilities of a project manager give the employees a direction, accelerating the pace of work.


Administrative Officers

They are responsible to the Director to coordinate all correspondence between the department and other arms of the university as the director deems fit.

They are responsible for updating and keeping of staff records and statistics

They prepare periodic reports on staff records and statistics.

They treat mails from other departments in consonance with the directives of the director.

They handle every mail leaving and within the department.


Higher Executive Officers

They are under the supervision of the Administrative Officers to ensure the performance of a particular set of administrative tasks in the unit.


Specific Duties/Responsibilities:

They are assigned to execute some aspects of the departmental duties such as recording of memos, computation of data, etc.

They handle under supervision correspondence in their schedule of duties

They execute Public Relation assignments such as reception of official visitors.

They supervise subordinates staff as they produce letters, minutes and keep staff records in their schedule of duties.

They implement and execute general administrative duties as assigned by the Administrative Officer.

The Technical Staff

Technical Officers

They are responsible to the Director for assisting in project planning and execution



Specific Duties/Responsibilities:

They are in charge of interpreting the architectural/ engineering designs to ascertain material demands

They keep custody of the original drawings of the existing projects

They supervises the execution and construction projects

They plan the training of technical officers and artisans under him

They plan and deploy officers for the maintenance of Innovation projects.

They advises the Director on issues relating to maintenance of Innovation projects

They do any other as may be assigned by Director of Innovation.

Clerical Officers


They are under supervision of the Secretary to maintain records in the centre



Specific Duties/Responsibilities:

They keep records of files.

They receive and process mails

The assist in typing of official documents

They attend to visitors in the office

They do any other thing that may be assigned them by their supervisors.

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