The block /Kebbs making industry under the Innovation and research Centre


    The Innovation technicians mounting solar street lights at the main campus,Oye-Ekiti


    The Director of Innovation and Research Centre Engr.Ifeanyi Eze explaining the contents of the Golden Flecee fountain to the Minister of Education during her visit to the University

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    THE VC

    The Vice Chancellor Prof. Chinedu Nebo introducing the Golden Flecee fountain to the Minister of Education at the main gate of the University while the Innovation director Engr.Ifeanyi Eze listens attentively


—        Fuoyetech dual light emitting diode lamp /bulb

—        Fuoyetech mechatronic water censored regulator

—        Fuoyetech   inverter

—        Fuoyetech Solar fault detector

—        The Fuoyetech dual light emitting diode lamp /bulb

Fuoyetech dual high illuminating diode lamp and bulb is a high-tech lamp designed in such a way that it can serve both direct and (DC) alternating (AC) currents. This is designed to be used at home and on the major road street lights that is to accommodate solar and which is direct current and conventional electricity which is alternating current. The Fuoyetech dual LED lamp brings to end the technical mess and more, the economic waste of having a solar energy and conventional street light on one road. It is designed in such way that the lamp has an inbuilt automatic switch that changes the lamp to AC current when available or to solar energy or DC when AC source is off.

—        The Fuoyetech mechatronic water censored regulator




Fuoyetech mechatroonic water censored regulator is a new censored technology designed to automatically control the pump of water from a source to an overhead tank in a home or in a factory. This prevents waste of water when it is filled and no body to switch off the pump.

The censored gadget is designed in such a way that it has a mechatronic circuit connect to a tank and water pumping machine with an inbuilt censor that detects when the water level is due for overflowing and switches off automatically and as well switches on by its self through the help of a censor when the water level in the tank reduced.


  1. (1)It is economically cheaper by 50%
  2. (2)It is higher to any existing lamp by 35%
  3. (3)It is self automatically operated




—        Fuoyetech   inverter


Having critically undertaking a study of an inverter which has proven to be of a good market in the country, the Innovation and Research Centre has designed an improved highquality inverter that would outsmart other inverters in the market.

Unlike other inverters, the Centre has designed and ready for its components for manufacturing an inverter that will have an inbuilt batteries and an efficient accurate charger. The inverter is also designed to have a Cooling digital, voltage, current and frequency display and as well an audio fault disposition signal that alerts a user of a fault if it arises. The design is ranged from 1 to 10 KVA.




  1. (1)It reduces cost of wasteful electricity bill
  2. (2)It prevents the waste of water
  3. (3)It prevent the unwarranted over stretch of your pumping machine
  4. (4)It automatically operated
  5. (5)An assurance of a filled water in an over head tank at any given time







—        Fuoyetech Solar fault detector



As an Innovation Centre geared towards a empirical discovery, research and observatory analysis entrepreneurship, economic growth and development capacity, it has been discovered by the Innovation and Research Centre of the University that the major problem facing the solar energy utilization in Africa more especially Nigeria where solar energy is suppose to be the most utilized source of electricity as result of the huge quantum of static ion in African tropical region. And because of our discovery of a lot abandoned solar electric products and gadgets, such as street lights the Centre embarked on intensive research with a resultant discovery that the problem is as result of unavailability of   a common fault detecting apparatus. As result, the Fuoye Innovation and Research Centre has successfully designed a solar energy fault detecting gadget with a digital that do easily assist a solar user or an operator to detect the cause of a fault in solar materials or gadgets through a digitally displayed signal.

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